What’s The Difference Between SEO and Technical SEO

Since you’ve Googled the difference between SEO and technical SEO, here is a little para to resolve your muddled mind.

Who is a Teacher?

A person who ranks us 1st, 2nd, or 3rd based on our class performance. Search engine optimization works the same way. It ranks the websites best based on their content relevancy, link popularity, and more. Huh, what’s the big deal? So paid advertisements.

But the word “Paid” sums it up; you have to pay for a position you can organically obtain through optimization. This may sound unfair to you now, but you will have a completely different perspective at the end of this passage.
Now let’s move on to our main topic. How is technical optimization different from actual optimization? For those unaware, tech optimization is one of the types of SEO, just with a bit of tech involvement.

How does SEO Contrast with Technical SEO?

Both of these digital marketing strategies do the same thing. Rank our websites on the top. Then why are they not the same? Let’s find out in the next few scrolls.

The Search Engine Optimization:

Let’s suppose you are one of the Irish SEO experts. Anyone who longs for organic ranking will search for service providers like you. If you want to grab them as your client, you will have to hit their search results.

Also, being one of the tops showed results isn’t enough but being visible is. This is where SEO, the top marketing strategy, helps you. It makes you visible and ranks you at the top of shown links.

You must be wondering what the ranking criteria are.

  • The content relevancy.
  • Keyword-richness.
  • The creativity.

And much more. Google spider looks for websites with the best and most beneficial content for the viewers.

Technical Search Engine Optimization:

Nowadays, 60% of web searches are conducted online. No one opens a laptop to search for anything. If you are one of the above 60%, you must have seen a webpage on which you had to turn the rotation. You had to zoom in on the content to read properly. Facts: some web pages are cool but not mobile-friendly.

Tech optimization ranks the website based on website architecture. The page having brilliant content and easy-to-use features will make it to the top. Besides the interface, it includes crawling, indexing, and rendering also.

Solve the Puzzled Mind

Now, let’s discuss paid and organic marketing since a lot of you might be having this confusion.

When it’s all about ranking and paid adverts doing the same, then why are we paying any SEO company in Ireland or any other region?

Suppose you sell winter apparel and work on a seasonal basis. What is the purpose of securing 1st position for two years when you’re only going to work for four months? Seasonal businesses desire immediate ranking, leading to increased sales. Hence, paid advertisements are effectively helpful.

On the other hand, if you make appeals for all seasons. For you, the long-term ranking will be more desirable than immediate sales. You will want to be on the top, whether people search for sweaters or crop tops. Securing a longstanding top ranking will generate lasting sales. For this purpose, the organic marketing tactic, i.e. SEO, helps you.

What does Search Engine Optimization Includes?

The amazing online marketing strategy involves, On-Page, Off-page, Technical, Local, International, and e-commerce SEO. The main three are the On-page, Off-page and technical ones.

On-page SEO refers to tactics you use to improve your page’s search engine ranking. If your website has informational content, the Google spider will crawl over your website first. The HTML tag, Meta description, images, and video quality counts, as well. You do every possible thing under your control to rank up your site.

Off-page SEO on the other hand, includes activities you do off of a website, like conducting social media marketing. Encouraging brand engagement, creating brand awareness, building backlinks, and encouraging searches are some additional activities performed under the title.

And what is technical SEO? We have already discussed that above. This kind of deals with the interface, coding, algorithm, and all the technical stuff. Let us have a look at the things it includes.

What Does Technical Search Engine Optimization Includes?

The page speed

Now one likes the browsing sign on their screens; people tend to like the pages that take up to 5 seconds to load. This is why page speed is one of the top priorities when search engines rank a page. Google also provided a free tool named Page Speed Insights, where you can examine your website’s speed

Duplicate content

Sometimes people write duplicate content to either get more traffic or manipulate search engine rankings. Such websites are not entertained by search engines.

Structured data markup

The data markup is a code you add to your site so that search engines can understand the content on your website better. The technique helps search engines effectively index your site and provide more relevant results.

Some other ranking activities also fall under technical optimization. The above three are mentioned just to give you an idea.


Since you are here, it can be assumed that you now know the difference between SEO and technical SEO.

Those who were confused about search engine optimization and paid advertisements being the same must now be clear.

If you are a business person reaching out to some expert to help your page grow, take advantage of the digital marketing sector. The sector accelerates business growth in no time.

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